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The gaming industry has been experiencing mega growth – it now has a very loyal and highly engaged global audience segment.

With revenue in the video games segment projected to reach $221bn in 2023, there has never been a more exciting or interesting time to align your brand with this loyal, high-value audience segment.

However, competitive video gamers are experts in their field and need to be engaged with via transparent, authentic and relevant activations, delivered by gamers, for gamers.

With revenue in the video games segment projected to reach $220bn in 2023, there has never been a more exciting or interesting time to align your brand with this category.

However, gamers are experts in their field, they can be highly critical and see through false authenticity easily. They need to be engaged with transparent, authentic and relevant activations. So, it’s risky if you get it wrong. But, if you get it right, the value can be immense!

At Unsigned, we help brands navigate the gaming market. In the right way.

We have over 10 years experience in the gaming world.

Whether that’s representing the world’s best esports athletes, launching the biggest games, or developing award-winning brand and talent partnerships, we have continued to push our work in gaming further each year.





Content + Distribution + Creators = Business Impact


Campaign Management

Let us become your Creator Marketing Department. We start with the end goal in mind to create your bespoke strategy, manage all creator selection, negotiation, vetting and contracting and act as the executive producers on all creator content, with a full PCA report within 30 days of the campaign close date.

Influencer & Social Strategy

Have the resource to execute but need an expert strategy? Unsigned Group can work with your in-house team to create a ready to follow Influencer Marketing Strategy covering all relevant and achievable touch points to enable you to deliver against your key strategic goals.

Key Distribution

Whether you’re looking to identify the right creator partners to activate spend with or simply looking to gain editorial influencer coverage to bolster your PR value, Unsigned Group can manage your global gifting/key distribution campaign, ensuring the right creators are engaging with your title at the right times.


Unsigned can create your own dedicated creator programme. Including branding, positioning and strategy, through to creator recruitment, identification and management, ensuring your always on influencer strategy is aligned to your key beats throughout the year, from launches, DLC drops and in-game events to merch, product and gifting seeding.


For those looking for fame building, PR worthy, sentiment changing partnerships. Unsigned group has a proven track-record in delivering high-impact partnerships, aligning household names with gaming titles from mobile – AAA games.

From creating impact across mainstream media, driving global PR value to building unrivalled brand awareness, publishers at all levels are taking advantage of this growing trend.

Esports Partnerships

If your strategy best aligns with the concept of a partnership with a leading competitive esports team or tournament organiser, Unsigned has the expertise and experience necessary to negotiate such a partnership on your behalf. We would ensure any deals with esports teams are structured to deliver the key outcomes of your brand’s strategy.


Partnerships & Exec. Production

State of Survival

State of Survival Collaborates with The Walking Dead.

Partnerships & Production


Top creators and influencers game for good.

Partnerships & Exec. Production

King of Avalon

Orlando Bloom joins King of Avalon as a limited-time playable character.

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