Eva's MetaHuman

Say hello to the World’s first supermodel MetaHuman, based on supermodel Eva Herzigová’s exact likeness in both appearance and movement; she looks like Eva, walks like Eva, and even smiles like Eva: the detail is so fine that every pore is hers.

The MetaHuman can be positioned in an infinite number of camera positions, in as many outfits as can be created, posed in a million ways and her hair and make-up are limited only by the imagination of the glam squads.

Eva's digital twin creates a new world of possibilities, permitting more creative freedom and flexibility than ever before, allowing brands the opportunity to completely change the way they produce their fashion campaigns. Eva's MetaHuman can be collaborated with in unlimited forms, from traditional-style shoots, appearing in games, modelling digital wearables to walking in fashion shows. Being built in Epic Games' Unreal Engine the level of detail captured and data collected allows for real-time integration.

Eva’s MetaHuman is brought to life using Epic Games’ MetaHuman technology, a complete framework for creating and animating highly realistic human characters for use in games, fashion, filmmaking or any Unreal Engine project.

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