Faiith is a Texas-born, internationally raised and now UK-residing popular music artist who infuses elements of rock, pop, blues & soul into her creations.

Artists that she grew up listening to and still take inspiration from include Amy Winehouse, Fiona Apple, Queen & Bon Jovi. A current international model, gracing the catwalks of London Fashion Week, shooting for Vogue and Ralph Lauren and featuring in global campaigns for Superdry alongside the renowned footballer Neymar - it’s safe to say Faiith isn’t one to shy away from an audience.

Faiith’s most notable performance to date has to be the main stage at Bvlgari’s Milan Fashion Week event in February of 2020.

With a plethora of new music to come and a prosperous career in fashion, Faiith bridges the gap between these two creative worlds seamlessly.

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