Mohamed Abdulle is an Instagram native who has risen to recognition through his social profile and social persona; @mabdulle. Having quickly gained notoriety amongst the creative ‘cool’ crowd, he has been making serious waves across industries. From shooting as Stormzy’s official photographer on the internationally acclaimed 'Gang Signs and Prayers' tour, to working with global super brands, including Adidas, Apple, Beats by Dre, Canon, L’Oreal, Net-a-porter, Nike, Tesla, Victoria Beckham and Vogue, over the past three years Mo has established himself as the leading voice amongst a new wave of the UK’s hottest content creators.

In 2018 he launched Take More Photos; a worldwide creative community, platform and studio for anyone and everyone that wants to #TakeMorePhotos. With a global collective of shooters, directors, makers, thinkers, creators to collaborate, share and inspire one another as a global community – it is the go to place for brands and creatives to meet.

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