Spotify x Davido

Afropop artist Davido was releasing a new album after a 7-year hiatus. We needed to produce a suite of launch content to show the world a good time, inspired by the unique culture and sounds of Western Africa.




Casting + Production

The Brief

Spotify approach Unsigned to help develop a coherent story for the launch of Nigerian afro-pop sensation, Davido’s new album; A Good Time. Key to the launch was the communication and introduction of the unique culture and sounds of Western Africa.

Our thinking

Portraits are a way for families to see into their past. They help explain our culture and family roots to the world. And to West Africans, family is everything. Davido is one of the most prominent voices in music today. He brings his own musical style and yet still pays homage to his African roots. We wanted to pay homage to those roots with a photo series that embraces the beauty of West African culture having a good time.

Bringing authenticity

With just one week’s notice, we created a “Good Time Digital Photo Album” that included both video clips and photography. Working with a crew exclusively comprised of African diaspora, led by Unsigned content creator, Mabdulle, who created the visual identity for the project. Inspired by traditional West African looks, with a modern vibe. The result was beautiful, real and raw and authentic.

Our intention

Our collective intention was to pay homage to West African families and what it means to them to have a good time. All subjects were street cast, real life groups of families and friends. Each with a unique and strong cultural perspective on what family means to deliver a genuine sense of culture, community and what it means to have a good time.


The Unsigned team pulled together a top notch production in a weeks time without sacrificing any of the creative. They pushed to have the shoot be as authentic as possible regardless of the logistical or budgetary challenges. Unsigned were a great partner - I look forward to working with them again!

Zack Grant, Senior Producer, Spotify


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