State of Survival

An award-winning partnership between the most-watched TV show on US cable television and one of the World’s largest mobile strategy games.

April 2021




Partnerships & Exec. Production

The Brief

State of Survival was already FunPlus’ leading product, with over 60M users worldwide. However, the brand believed that the game had not yet reached its full potential and challenged Unsigned to create a brand partnership that could enable to them achieve their next ambitious target of 100M downloads.

The Thinking

The strategy was focused on building brand fame and appealing to a much broader audience than the highly-targeted segments from which FunPlus had built their core user base. We knew that if we were to strike a chord beyond fans of zombie-genre video games, we would need a vehicle to help bring SOS into the mainstream.

Our work

FunPlus enlisted our services from the concept and creation of the partnership, through to consultation and guidance on the production and marketing of the campaign; including, but not limited to, sourcing and engaging the creative agency to conceive the campaign through a pitch process and procuring the content production team.

The Plan

A 6-month integrated partnership with AMC’s multi-award-winning and highest-grossing TV show 'The Walking Dead'. Bringing the two zombie apocalypse worlds together both in-game and in real life – turning protagonist Daryl Dixon into a playable character with an upgradable armoury, creating a brand new storyline, and executive producing behind-the-scenes content, podcasts ads, and a 60-second TV spot starring Norman Reedus.



2.2M In-game purchases with Daryl

35.5M Battles with Daryl

Clio Award Winner 2021