World’s First Supermodel MetaHuman

Eva Herzigová becomes the world's first Supermodel MetaHuman.

April 2023


Eva Herzigová


Creative & Talent Representation

Dive with us into a groundbreaking journey of transformation where the runway meets the digital world. The iconic supermodel, Eva Herzigová, known for her timeless elegance and style, becomes the world's first Supermodel MetaHuman, an exquisite fusion of art, technology and fashion.

At Unsigned, we pride ourselves on pioneering innovation in talent representation. Collaborating with leading virtual production studio Dimension, we embarked on an unprecedented mission to create a lifelike, real-time 3D MetaHuman of Eva. Her distinct persona was captured using a 70-camera rig and a squad of artists meticulously sculpted her into an awe-inspiring digital figure, replicating her signature style, walk, and even her radiant smile.

Imagine a digital Eva, versatile and forever in vogue, ready to be styled, posed, and animated at the click of a button. The digital landscape has never been so limitless or exciting. Eva can be in London, Paris, Milan, and New York, all at the same time, while never leaving the comfort of her home. As Eva expressed, the creation of her MetaHuman was an incredible, transformative experience, similar to birthing a new self, one that can adapt and change at the flick of a switch.

In the words of Gavin Myall, our CEO, “Eva has always been a trailblazer.” And with her, we step into a new era of digital fashion, with endless creative opportunities. We can't wait to collaborate with brands to explore innovative ways to integrate Eva’s MetaHuman into their narrative - from campaign shoots to virtual fashion shows. This project isn't just a step, but a leap into the digital world of talent representation.

As we embark on this cutting-edge journey of digital identity and fashion, we find ourselves in agreement with Simon Windsor, Co-CEO, Dimension Studio, and Caroline Rush CBE, CEO, British Fashion Council, that this is indeed a milestone in the fashion industry.

While fictional models have made their way into the digital realm, Eva becomes the first real-life supermodel to debut as a hyperreal 3D avatar. This isn't simply a transition, but a groundbreaking revolution - a revolution brought to life by Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator technology, ushering in an era of endless possibilities in fashion, filmmaking, games, and beyond.

Welcome to the future with Unsigned.


Anine Bing